quarta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2012



The Question, cosplayed by Brian Eason of The Geek Forge

Miss Argentina, cosplayed by buttoneyed

She-Ra, cosplayed by Beatrice Buetow, photographed by Milla Leppälahti

Emma Frost, cosplayed by rufflebutt



Batgirl, cosplayed by Gabi, photographed by Josh Barrett

Cyborg, Raven, & Starfire, cosplayed by gillykins, photographed by Jojo DesJardins

Tyreal, cosplayed by Crimson of The Neo Tokyo Project

Black Canary, cosplayed by kitty-honey, photographed magic-alex-photo

Harley Quinn, cosplayed by omgitsemilyc, photographed by Convoke

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