Só posso dizer que este post volta de maneira ESPETACULAR, com as artes mais impressionantes que vocês leitores nunca puderam imaginar. Nem vou citar as feras que estão marcando presença nessa edição, para assim aumentar ainda mais expectativa!! Imperdível!! Confira!!
Art by Holly Howes

Batgirl by Maris Wicks

Harley Quinn by Michael Lopez

"Mind the Gap" cover by Skottie Young

Marvel Pride by Rey Arzeno

Popeye and Captain Haddock by Warwick Johnson Cadwell

Black Canary by Michael Lark

Batwoman by Logan Faerber

Abe Sapien by Bruce Timm

Snow White by Ken Wong

Rogue by Cal Slayton

Art by Catia Chien

Ghost in the Shell by Chris Scott

Ramona Flowers by Enrique Rivera

Snake from Metal Gear Solid by Tin Salamunic

Katniss Everdeen by Ross Campbell

Luke Skywalker by Frank Stockton

Rage Comics Batman "Death in the Family" by Eugene JjAR

Captain Atom by Julie Bell

Beefsquatch by Ramon Villalobos

"What is this" by Pat Boutin

Star Wars' IG-88 (Baller) by Tristan Jones

Mad Men's Betty Draper by Neal McCullough 

RoboCop by Tim Doyle

Art by Malika Favre (NSFW link)

Princess Peach and Toad by Zac Gorman

Dazzler by Boris Vallejo

Watchmen by Kevin Nowlan

Art by Sam Vanallemeersch

Inhumans by Frazer Irving

Storm by David Yardin

Superman by José-Luis García-Lopéz

Strangers in Paradise/Marvel mashup by Terry Moore

Rock 'n roll history from Red Rocket 7 by Mike Allred

Star wars by Frank Stockton

Art by Stuart Immonen

"Superheroine on the phone" by Jaime Hernandez from the collection of Michael Diaz 

Nightwing and Oracle by Durwin Talon

Green Lantern Corps by Brian Bolland