quarta-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2012


Green Arrow, cosplayed by Winken Goodfellow


Ms Marvel cosplay II , VIDEL, SAILOR MOON by *EnjiNight

Summer Yuphi
 cosplayed by Usagi-Tsukino-krv

Cloud, cosplayed by Attyca, photographed by Jack Liu

Superboy, cosplayed by lilprince

Hawkgirl, cosplayed by KiraKouture, photographed by BGZ Studios

Link, cosplayed by Rei-Suzuki, photographed by theeyeprojects

Skeletor, photographed by Paige Hammermill

Robin/Stephanie Brown,

Game On - SOS Brigade

 cosplayed by CourtoonXIII, photographed by fuzzypanda0

Raiden, cosplayed by effektdmentality, photographed by Mike Rollerson

Zatanna, cosplayed by AmeZaRain, photographed by elleontheradio

Professor Pyg, cosplayed by Mollins

Harley Quinn, cosplayed by strange-little-cat, photographed by KullerMieTze

The Joker, cosplayed by Alejandro Fanzago

Selene the Black Queen, cosplayed by KassandraLeigh, photographed by Sweet Sensations Photography

Cammy, cosplayed by Windofthestars, photographed by ocwajbaum

The Flash, cosplayed by Chase, photographed by Lenny Java

Superman & Batman, cosplayed by Gerardo Rivera and Dax Armand, photographed by ParLit Photography

Silk Spectre, cosplayed by Riddle1, photographed by Benny Lee

Red Hood, cosplayed by VampireOfShadow, photographed by blaueshaar

Supergirl, cosplayed by mei-chama, photographed by dyire

Mary Poppins, cosplayed by LicorneZsu, photographed by Jakab Tamas

Paris Game Week 2012by *illyne
Deedlit (Record of Lodoss War), cosplayed by sara1789, photographed by rosslo

Static Shock, cosplayed by thegoofyvz

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